Things Around Your Home Are Multiplying!

Things Around Your Home Are Multiplying!

Have you noticed? Are you paying attention? There are things around your home that are multiplying. They sometimes multiply slowly and at other times alarmingly fast. No, it is not time to call an exterminator, but you should become more aware. Here are some of the things that are likely multiplying around your household.

Packets of Condiments

Where does the madness stop? It’s not just ketchup either. It is hot sauce, taco sauce, mayonnaise, relish, wing sauce, onion ring sauce, roast beef sauce, ranch dressing, barbecue sauce and more. Add in salt, pepper, sugar and other seasonings and there is suddenly a drawer full of “stuff”.

Plastic Shopping Bags

OMG, throwing them in the trash is like killing the planet and nobody really takes them back to the store for recycling, do they? IKEA has a handy little holder that you can put them in next to the garage door. We’ve already filled up our first one.

Hotel Soap and Lotions

They are too tempting not to take and too small to use, so many of us have a collection building that we’ll use someday. Or for company. Or when we run out. Or when we travel….wait a minute, now!

Power Cords

Face it. Somewhere in your house there is a box, bin of power cords. Not only that, but odds are you don’t even know what device they were intended for! That old printer? Monitor? Flip-phone? We keep hoping someday we will come across the right device for them, but alas, they just seem to continue to grow in numbers.


If we even just got rid of the cheap ones from Bob’s Bail Bonds and the Starlight Motel we would feel better. But no, we think someday we will host a trivia party for 187 people, and we will be prepared.

Sometimes enough is enough. Like with your homeowners’ insurance rates. You don’t have to pay that increase your insurance company is asking for without at least a fight. Contact our independent home insurance experts and ask about your options. You may just be pleasantly surprised!

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